Unbreakable Eyewear

Gloryfy Sunglasses
Gloryfy Sunglasses

Gloryfy Sunglasses- unbreakable eyewear allows for innovative design concepts and glasses which are not possible with the conventional lens materials. All industry standards such as 100% UVA / UVB protection, 100% optical quality, while still guaranteeing full elasticity and breakage.

Maximum eye protection, maximum functionality, a minimized risk of injury, unique designs and intelligent plastics and innovative technologies from the Austrian eyewear manufacturer gloryfy.

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Gloryfy Unbreakable Frame and Unbreakable Lenses.

Gloryfy Interchangeable lenses.

Gloryfy Offer Optical Prescription lenses.

Gloryfy offer Options such as polarisation, lens tinting and many accessories on most gloryfy frames.

Gloryfy give complete protection from UV radiation.

Gloryfy sunglasses filters out damaging blue light.

Gloryfy Award winning, stylish cutting edge designs and made with the highest European quality.